Farm History

In 1964 John Moores began to establish the Moss herd and for the best part of the next 50 years, had a long standing love of the breed that eventually led him to becoming president of the Aberdeen Angus cattle society. Together with Tom Brewis of the Eastfield herd, he was the first to introduce Canadian bulls into the UK and amongst the first to bring both bulls and embryos from the United States.

Hugh Watson Lifetime Achievement Award

John Moores receiving the Hugh Watson Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2012 Fellow breeders awarded John the first Hugh Watson Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition to his commitment award. The award was given to John at a ceremony on 29th February, attended by friends, family and Society members. This award was timely as John unfortunately passed away in April of the same year.

Perryville Roscoe and Scotch Cap

Two of the most influential sires used in the herd turned out to be Perryville Roscoe and Scotch Cap (A.I) - sires to 19 Moss champions at Perth and Carlisle. Perryville Roscoe (jointly owned with Messrs McGregor and Robertson) was bought as a proven bull from Canada, where he had sired many champions. Introduced in 1984, Roscoe an excellent breeder of both bulls and females, probably had the biggest influence in the herd with prizes and prices to prove it. Widely used as an A.I. sire, his influence extends beyond this farm, with 962 calves registered against his name, making him one of the most popular sires of modern times.

The American Influence

The American influence is illustrated by, amongst other stock bulls; Edinburgh of the Moss - Sire Scotch Cap, Dam GT Evergreen - who we imported as an embryo. Edinburgh has produced daughters that have sold to 4,000 gns and bulls to 7,500 gns. A full brother to Edinburgh, Elgar of the Moss, has made his name in John Elliot's Rawburn herd.

A son, Bronco of the Moss, was sold as stock sire to Dinar Estate. These bulls went on to produce calves with top EBV's for beef value and muscling score. A Bronco son, Fordel Eisenhower Y423, won Reserve Senior Champion at Perth 2001 and sold for 6,500 gns as stud-sire to MMB in Northern Ireland. Famous A.I. Sires used in the herd include Rito 2100 GDR; QAS Traveler; Rambo 465; Double A Willie Boy and Scotch Cap - one of the most influential sires in the breed.

Our current A.I. Sire is Chapelton Eventer E809 a huge powerful bull, who was first in his class, at Perth in February 2007 and bought for 23000gns by Glenbervie Home Farm and Rosemount Farms.

Recent Years

In recent years, one of our most noted successes was the sale of The Moss Mr Eshton. A son of the world famous Vermillion Dateline 7078 and from arguably some of the very best Canadian genetics through DMM Miss Essence 22B. This impressive ET calf made 36,000 gns in the ring at Perth in February 2006. He sold to the famous Netherton Herd and Old Glenort Farms.

The much admired Mr Eshton has over 200 registered calves spread over 40 different herds.